We are Shelley Rogers Fletcher and Diane Rogers Richins--two sisters who started working with gourds in 1992.  Along the way, we added Diane's daughter, Kristi Oquist, to this family business.

Coming from a 4th generation Arizona farming and ranching family influenced our choices of artistic materials.  Even though our father, a cotton farmer, viewed gourds as weeds, we have found them to be the perfect medium. We like the earthy and natural appeal of gourds and often leave much of the beautiful gourd surface showing in our work. 

We have been working with gourds for over twenty years as a team.  Our name, (R 2 Designs) comes from our father's brand and also represents our relationship as two sisters.  

We love to work with  fibers and weaving materials to add interesting textures to our work.   Our styles continue to evolve as we learn and experiment with new techniques and materials.   We teach various classes to new gourd enthusiasts & sell supplies we use in our creations.

Creating gourd art as well as teaching others about the versatility of gourds throughout history has become our passion and pleasure.  We hope to infect you with the excitement of learning more about nature's container!

Please come visit with us at one of our art shows, take a class or purchases supplies and tools to work on your own creations!

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Shelley & Diane 
at Wuertz Festival
Kristi Oquist 
at Litchfield Art Festival
Diane & Danny (Kristi's Husband) seated
Kristi and daughter Danielle at Wuertz Festival
R 2 Designs - Gourd Artisans