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premium leather laces (3' x 1/8") $1.50 ea., 1/16" shaft high speed carving burs
Large selection of Cabachons, hieshi beads and other embellishments for inlay

4-Ply Waxed Linen Thread                          $16/100 yard spool or $2.75/10 yard bobbin

Angelus Leather Dyes                               $3.75 / bottle

Diamond Glaze Adhesive/Glue                  $6 / 2 oz. bottle or $18.00/ 10 oz. bottle

Awls-(small-very sharp weavers awl)             $5.00 
Agate Slices - assorted sizes and prices

Angled brushes 3/$2 or 25/$11.50

Applicator/swabs:  fiber tipped detail applicators, microbrushes, double pointed swabs

Hand Scrapers for gourd cleaning (2 sizes)   $5.00

Mini-Seagrass(Colors)                         $4.00/15 yd. package
Powercrafter Carving Kits:   $315.00    includes tool, oil, 5 bits, tubing      (other bits & accessories available by special order)

Micro Pro Carving Tool (includes collet for 1/16" shaft dental bits)  $199.95
1/16" collet sold separately for $9.95
1/16" burs sold for $2.75 for carbide cutters, assorted sizes and $5.00 for diamond burs

Burnmaster wood burning tools:  bases and sets, pens, tips and cords also sold separately

Other items:  Leather pieces-assorted colors and sizes
                        3-4" wood slabs for bases
                        petrified wood slabs for bases

   Many embellishments including assorted beads, large hole beads for use in reed baskets, stone cabachons in various colors, silver and gold cones, wood slices

   Glass Frit $4 / bag (appx 2 oz)

Call for availability and purchase by credit card or check