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GOURD CLASSES:  classes include gourds,  materials & tools, beverages & snacks.  Bring your lunch.                    PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR ALL CLASSES       **Click Here for Registration Procedure**
*  *  *  *  *  *All classes in Laveen (unless noted) from 9:00 am to3:30 pm — 5039 W. Olney. (SE corner of 51 Ave. & Olney)  Olney Ave. is 1 1/2 miles south of Baseline or 1/2 mile south of Dobbins Rd., Call 602 237-4496 -message     *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

CUSTOM CLASSES for private groups of 6 or more.  Need class ideas?  Weaving (teneriffe, basketry, pine needles, coiling) Drums or rattles, figures, inlay, wall hangings or stand alone pieces.  Just ask!!

List of available classes currently not scheduled:

Surface Weaving – Teneriffe or Straight Up ‘Blanket Weave’ 
You will have a choice of teneriffe weaving (done in a circular fashion around a central core) or blanket weaving (done on straight up and down weavers).  You will learn the tricks of layout for both styles, have a choice of gourd shapes or a large shard for a wall hanging and learn several stitches.  Beads which can be incorporated into the weaving are also included.  picture examples
Go Tall Basketry – Fun with fibers & get wonkey!    In this class you will learn basketry basics of using round reed for spokes and combining the use of other materials such as seagrass, jute and yarns. Using a tall gourd base, you will build your basket to create interesting shapes and textures in your basketry.   You can add beads if you wish.  Bring your own or you may purchase during class.  Holes in beads must be large enough to accommodate round reed (3-4mm)  picture examples
    Tablita Maiden-Team Teaching with Margaret Sullivan    In this class, you will learn how to create, shape & attach a tablita head piece to a gourd figure.   A variety of materials will be available to embellish your tablita and figure.       picture examples and more class info

 - OCEAN DRUM CLASS ,Team Teaching with Margaret Sullivan    Make a fabulous, extra large, Ocean Drum fashioned after the ancient Mayan instrument.  You'll use a gourd 15-18++ inches in diameter.  Not only can you beat this drum, but when rolled rhythmically it sounds like soothing ocean waves.  Everything is included - extra large gourd, drumskin, ring, lacing, embellishments, all tools & supplies.      See pictures on class flyer

none scheduled-Teneriffe Weaving:   Using waxed linen thread, other thin fibers & yarns with beaded accents, you will create a freeform weaving on a large gourd shard suitable to use as a wall hanging. You will learn several stitches for a very different teneriffe than other instructors. (**see picture examples of Teneriffe)

none scheduled - Advanced Teneriffe   - If you have taken teneriffe weaving before, this class will take you to the next level.  Try different shapes for your weaving and more complicated stitches using large gourds. You will not finish this project in class.   (picture examples)
none scheduled   Run With the Big Gourds!   -  This is an Open Studio type of class.  Everyone will choose a really BIG gourd and you'll have a choice of techniques.  Try some carving, inlay, etching, weaving, mosaics, etc.  You can try anything you want!  This is an advanced class for students who want to try something more complicated than a usual class project.   You may not finish this project in class.